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A La Carte - Euro 80's

A La Carte were one of the first European girl bands. Formed in 1979 Jenny, Joy & Katie had continuous chart success until their split in the late 80's. Radio stations worldwide played their numerous disco styled hits.
TV Stations throughout Europe put the girls on many well known Pop Shows with their great mix of music melodies, good looks and great dance routines that guaranteed  excellent viewing. A remake of the classic
"Do Wah Diddy" and the appeal of their classic song hit "Ring Me Honey" gave A La Carte the edge.
Many hit songs followed with Doctor Doctor (Help Me Please), "When The Boys Come Home", "Radio" and many more classics. The girls released a total of 38 songs and appeared on over 150 compilation albums with their many hits that remain so very popular today and are currently performing at music festivals in europe   

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