You might have seen Edward De Bozo, either at the Perth Royal Show, The Perth Glory matches, The Perth Zoo,
The WA Trots or at a regional agricultural show. Often it’s a surprise when you see him because he might have squirted water near you from his mobile phone, or he might have lowered his rubber lobster on your head when you weren’t looking. Or you might have just seen him entertaining a large mob of children by juggling, doing magic, riding uni-cycle or making balloon sculptures. When there’s enough space he also plays games with a parachute. Children of all ages can be seen running back to their parents with a huge smile and a comment like, “Wow, that was great!” Or “He taught me how to Juggle” or “I got a prize for being part of his show!” Edward can also be seen walking on stilts in parades, running games and circus activities or just being the “professional idiot” he is...


We have some of the most Fantastical Costumes and Characters you have ever seen on stilts.

From Gorgeous Butterflies, Spectacular Angels and Tall Clowns with big hearts our presentation is always immaculate and professional.

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