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Australian Comedians - Bruno Lucia


Stand-up comic, mc, and actor, Bruno is in demand on the East Coast where his ability to tailor performances to
the corporate clients needs are well documented. An unforgettable performance is guaranteed with a 3 dimensional twist of versatility with exceptional animated expressions.His musical background enables Bruno to incorporate guitar playing talents which will take you through a comical view of musical trends.


Australian Comedians - Elliot Goblet


Well known for his many television appearances, these days most of Elliot Goblet's work is as a corporate entertainer at events like conferences, product launches, dinners and client parties. Generally during the day he can break up the serious business with some funny business and generally at night he'll provide a bonus treat after a meal. Whether doing a 20 to 50 minute spot or acting as the MC, he gives VERY ADDED VALUE by including lots of special (but tasteful) material for each event. He is "The Safe Corporate Entertainer". And as always you'll also get a component of classic Goblet one liners


Australian Comedians - Chris Dooley


To quote the words of the gang leader Chris (Dools) Dooley a Mining Magnet in his own lunchtime, his team have
visited more miners than the whole of the Catholic Church and Michael Jackson combined! Having witnessed first-hand the hilarious impact and expletive deletives that makes surveyors knees tremble at the very thought of more insults, this is a showcase of comedy not to be missed if you like it Blue.

Australian Comedians - Dame Edna


Hello Possums!, Being Australia's leading ambassador for so many years and traveling the world to play host at major gala events which include my dealings with the Royal Family, Norm & myself have decided to settle down in the West as one gets tired of the poor weather conditions back in Melbourne. I've always felt a compassion for you poor people and how you have missed out on seeing all the big superstars and just for a little extra income, outside of my bingo hosting and selling gladioli's I've decided to treat you with guests appearances and hosting for your special event.

Now my darlings! you can preview a short video:

Australian Comedians - Peter Rowsthorn


Peter Rowsthorn has been performing professionally since 1982. He has appeared on Let the Blood Run Free,
The Comedy Company, Hey Hey It's Saturday, Tonight Live, Gonged but not Forgotten and in the hit Australian movie Crackers. Pete toured nationally and internationally with The Rocky Horror Picture Show and more recently the much acclaimed Certified Male. Pete's years of experience as a stand-up comedian, well known face (and ET-stomach) make him the perfect choice for your next corporate function.

Australian Comedians - George Smilovich


Australia's most sought after humorist. A very sharp mind and brilliant guitar" ABC Radio.Celebrated as an Australian comic icon, the hilarity and magic that this man induces from an audience truly has to be seen to be believed! A powerful presenter, MC and host, George Smilovici is a whirlwind of fresh air in the corporate and special events arena. George has a long list of credits behind him: Celebrity, Comedian, Entertainer, Actor, Writer, Ad-man, TV personality, Musician, Lecturer, Presenter, Speaker - and the list continues! No matter what forum George finds himself in, he creates a united atmosphere with his warm and original humour, mesmerising all with his musical talent and capturing the room's attention with his stylish delivery.


“Rose on Air” If you wanted to add a little bit of spice (and curry) to your event then leave it to Rose to sort out the women from the girls, and the men from the boys. Life experiences have seen our dear Rose rise to great heights with her well documented lifestyle of the rich and famous. She will reveal a few secrets of the past and present, as our lovable Rose surprises your unsuspecting guests as MC or meet & greet.

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