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We have a wide variety of rides for the very young and teenagers to suit your requirements from Bouncy Castles to Bumper Cars.


The only one of its kind in Australia complete with head, horns, bum and tail and to complete the show, a huge 6-metre diameter mattress ensures a soft landing for riders. This is a computer operated, $50,000 sensation that is the star attraction wherever it goes. Every rider young or old receives a certificate with his or her official time. It arrives with its own qualified handler and operator, so you don't have to worry about a thing. The Bucking Bull is great for all ages ranging from 2 year olds to the rodeo riders and is the official model used in the Guiness World Records mechanical bull riding. With over 200,000 rides under our belt we can assure you of the best and safest three hours of fun a bull can provide.


No need to be afraid of heights here when you run down our inflatable bungee field.
Sprint down the 10 metre lane to the finish line with your Velcro marker.
Beat your opponent by stretching your elastic further than they do, mark your spot then whoooooooo!!
Fly back to where you started from... Great game... Suitable for all ages.


Dueling like a gladiator is both fast fun and spectacular. 
A large 5m x 4m inflatable bed has in the middle two podium's that have the ability to turn.
Two challengers with boxing helmets, mount the podiums and then try to knock their opponent off their perch. Because the stands rotate it's not an easy task and is hilarious fun for competitors and spectators alike. Another very special machine great for young and old. (Sticks are available in kids and adult sizes)


Sitting 7mtrs high at is peak, this giant is alot of fun for all. Will be the largest attraction wherever it goes!
Guaranteed to bring in the crowds. Safe and fun!!


The Fly Wall, a timeless classic! Slip on your easy to get into suit of velcro and then run and jump as high
(and as awkwardly!) as you can against the sticky velcro wall to see where you end up!


The ultimate high-energy game is here! Its grand scale ensures high impact! Can you avoid the Wrecking Ball? Get Ready To Rumble! Players try to the swing the giant wrecking ball to knock off other opponents. Don't worry if players fall, they will land on the soft safe inflatable. Fun for all highly competitive and challenging people. Great team building game! Test your balancing skills on the most exciting new inflatable on the market! 4 participants stand on an unsteady inflatable platform, then try to knock each other over with the giant padded wrecking ball! Challenge your friends (or enemies!) just like the American Gladiators!!


One of a kind inflatable attraction that allows your guests and attendees to experience life in the clouds!
The Ride has an inner capsule that can hold one adult or two children, who are then harnessed in a parachute. A flick of the switch sends the adventurous player high into the air, almost 20 feet above the ground, for a bird's eye view of the entire event or party! Once the blower is turned off, the participant is gently lowered back to Earth for a safe and soft landing. Its rocket ship-like shape and bright red, blue, yellow and green theme will attract guests from far and wide looking for an adventurous ride!
The Airborne Adventure is sure to draw in plenty of willing contestants eager to improve their hang time.


With the latest rides out of the States this 12 seater unit will provide entertainment for children and adults alike. Take yourself on a journey into the future or back to the past with 3 dimensional rides like, Land Speed, Fighter Flight, Helicopter Chase, Galaxy Wars, Phantom Loop and many more. Ideal for agriculture shows, street festivals and special events our simulator will travel anywhere in Western Australia.

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