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This naughty lovable dragon is brought to life by Mr. Jim, this is children's entertainment at it's very best! it's a real live kids comedy show. A cute fluffy dragon and the brightly dressed Mr. Jim who is not quite as bright as his clothes. Drippy does all the things that kids love to do while poor Mr. Jim keeps trying to get on with the show. Of course the kids side with Drippy when he wants to sing their favorite songs or tell jokes to Mr. Jim. 

The great thing about this show is that it's guaranteed to win them because all the material for the show came from kids in the first place. It's tried and tested and we know it's great fun for any children or family day events. Recommended for children aged between three and eight years of age or large family type groups the show is infectious and memorable with kids and even adults wanting to take Drippy home.

The Drippy Dragon Club will be up and running very soon with merchandising of this much loved puppet.

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