Perth Bands - Felix

FELIX is one of Perth's premier concert band and nothing short of an institution in WA. A fresh new line-up leads a 18 year career for the group which has boasted some of Perth's longest running nightclub residencies. Nine News personality JERRIE DEMASI fronts the band alongside FELIX main stays ROBBIE TERRANOVA on keys and ADRIAN TRANCHITA on drums. The gorgeous JESS DEMASI is on bass with new recruit ANDREW PATTERSON on lead vocals and guitars. A heavy weight on the corporate circuit, FELIX can charm a crowd like no other and deliver a first class touch to any function along with covering all of the classics,

The Felix rep list has been rejuvenated over the last 12 months with the band covering new, fresh tracks that other bands just won't go near. And it's for this reason, the band still remain in such high demand. Together their artist credits include support for INXS, Killing Heidi, Thirsty Merc, Baby Animals, Little Birdie and De La Soul, as well as performances at Summadayze, Superfest, Xfactor Australia, Telethon and Future Music Festival.

Mobile Australia: 0407 196 688  International: +61 407 1966 88


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