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Perth Tributes Johnny Cash

Well most of us have seen the movie classic “Walk the Line” that gave people the insight to the Johnny Cash Story along with all the Drama. 

This performance will delight everyone with its nostalgic journey of the Cash years over a period of 4 decades. Performing the many great hits there will be songs you may simply have forgotten about to rekindle those wonderful memories.  


He wore black on behalf of the poor and hungry and on behalf of the prisoner who had long paid for his crime and on behalf of those who have been betrayed by age or drugs. Cash added, with the Vietnam War as painful in my mind as it was in most other Americans, I wore it in mournin for the lives that could have been.

All the Hits & Much More!I Walk The Line - Ring Of Fire Understand Your Man - Folsom Prison Blues  A Boy Named Sue - Sunday Morning Coming Down Man In Black - (Ghost) Riders In The Sky

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