Murphy's Lore has continually perform for the premium venues, agents & corporate clients throughout WA.  Performances feature the outstanding vocal & instrumental talent of Chris & Courtney Murphy who became household names on Australian Idol.

Combined with their brother Kieran (drums), guitar virtuoso Jason Smith & WAAPA graduate Shaun Street (bass), Murphy's Lore are absolutely worthy of their premium status.  Most of Murphy's Lore work as session, studio musicians, often asked to add their talents to other people's albums.


Murphy's Lore can provide an array of options to suit your event. For example ask us about:

Female Lead Vocals, Horn Section, Grand Piano & Double Bass, Solo, Duo or Trio options featuring those famous harmonies. Themed Shows e.g. 70's, 80's, 90's, British, Oz Rock.

Mobile Australia: 0407 196 688  International: +61 407 1966 88


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